SEPTEMBER 15, 2023


The Inaugural Enduring Freedom Golf Classic is committed to raising funds for Wingman For Life and our partner(s) Purple Heart Heroes and Tuesday's Children. These organizations will be dedicating their time on September 15th to raise funds, create awareness, and put forth the effort to assist our fellow veterans and families that were injured in combat and affected by 9/11. Come on out and be a "wingman" within your community and participate in a day of golf for a great cause to help us help the men, women, and families who served and continue to serve this great nation! We appreciate any and all support!


Wingman For Life is a Veteran 501 (c)3 dedicated to helping veterans connect with each other through various events and activities. These events, which include golf outings, barbecues, and social gatherings, provide veterans with a space to network, have fun, and build relationships. Through these events, veterans are able to build a supportive community that they can turn to for help and advice as they navigate life after military service. In addition to social engagement, Wingman For Life also provides quality of life services to veterans. These services include job placement assistance, resume writing support, and financial planning. These resources are essential for helping veterans successfully transition to civilian life and achieve financial stability. Wingman For Life is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of veterans. Through social engagement, networking, and quality of life services, the non-profit is helping veterans build relationships, connect with others, and find purpose in their post-military lives. Our team of volunteers is passionate about helping veterans, and their efforts are making a real difference in the lives of many.


  Purple Heart Heroes  is  a brand new nonprofit aimed at making an impact in the veteran community especially with his fellow Purple Heart brothers and sisters. The founder of Purple Heart heroes is Stephen "Chris" Forsythe, Purple Heart Recipient, Air Force Combat Veteran, and long time "wingman" of Jason P. Procaccino the Founder of Wingman For Life, a fellow veteran nonprofit. Together they have plans to make change in all ways, shapes , and forms throughout the veteran community and continue to serve our nations heroes. Chris states, "I had a dream of starting a non profit to help wounded veterans like myself. This dream has came true 16 years later. Purple Heart Heroes, is designed to help as many combat wounded veterans as we possibly can. My wife and I applied to go on a few wounded veteran retreats, however, the boat was always full! Now, I’m the Captain and I have my own boat. My goal is to take wounded veterans and their families on vacations, hand out checks for Christmas, educational scholarships, and home upgrades to help all those who have sacrificed so much for this country. As a wounded veteran, we literally put our family through hell! These families need time together to enjoy each other without worrying about a cost and I will strive to ensure Purple Heart Heroes does its best to make it happen!


  Tuesday’s Children is a nonprofit family-service organization that has made a long-term commitment to every individual directly impacted  by 9/11. Since 2001, Tuesday’s Children has promoted healing and recovery by strengthening family resilience, providing individual coping and life management skills, and creating community through programs, mental health support, and family engagement opportunities. 

As a partner, Tuesday’s Children:

  • Provides ongoing programs, mental health and family support, and engagement opportunities to promote long-term healing for those most profoundly affected in the 9/11 community. 

  • Collaborates with the 9/11 Memorial Museum on spreading awareness of the evolving 9/11 story and shares information about the Memorial and Museum with the 9/11 community members in their outreach.

 For more information or to donate please visit https://www.tuesdayschildren.org/



If you are a veteran looking for a supportive community, or if you would like to support the Wingman For Life mission, please visit our website at www.wingmanforlife.org. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of veterans and help them thrive after military service.


08:30 AM Registration Begins Club House (Registration Table)
09:00 AM Registration/Hit the Range Warm-up Driving Range
10:00 AM Shotgun Start Designated Hole Location
03:30 PM Dinner, Awards, and Social Clubhouse



10:00 AM

Start Time




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Lake Blackshear Resort and Golf Club at Georgia Veterans State Park

2459 A U.S. Highway 280 W
Cordele, Georgia, United States

Phone: +1 (800) 459-1230
Web: http://www.lakeblackshearresort.com/